• Exercise Habits for Pets
    Good exercise habits for pets help ensure they have a long, happy, and healthy life. Like people, pets need exercise and a well-balanced diet; however, it is not always easy Read more
  • Top Food Choices to Give and Avoid for Different Types of Pets
    Finding the right food for your pet isn't always easy. Some pet foods on store shelves contain filler ingredients or potentially harmful preservatives that could compromise your pet's health. Thankfully, Read more
  • Signs Your Pet Has an Eye Infection
    Have you spotted eye redness, discharge, or swelling in your pet’s eyes? It could be an eye infection. Instead of treating your pet at home, please schedule an appointment with Read more
  • Pet Nutrition
    Pet nutrition is an important aspect of pet care that is often overlooked. At Henderson Animal Hospital in Winnipeg, MB, we have helped local pet owners improve their pet’s nutrition Read more
  • Emergency Treatment
    Even if you are extremely careful and get regular veterinary care for your pet, you may find yourself in a situation where your pet needs emergency care. Falls, injuries, and Read more
  • Pet Grooming
    Why It’s a Great Idea to Bring Your Pet to a Veterinarian for Pet Grooming Pets are amazing companions, but you will have to put some effort into caring for them. Read more
  • Spay & Neuter
    Spaying and Neutering More studies are coming out showing that spay and neuter operations are two of the best options to increase a pet’s health and longevity. However, there are still Read more
  • Pet Allergies
    If you think allergies only happen in the spring, think again! Seasonal allergies can also act up any time of year, and it's as true for your furry friends as Read more
  • How Often Should Your Pet Be Groomed?
    At Henderson Animal Hospital in Winnipeg, MB, we not only offer veterinary services, but we also offer pet grooming. Pet grooming is an important part of keeping your pet healthy. Read more
  • Toxic Ingestion in Pets: FAQs
    As much as you try to keep your pets safe, it is likely that they will still find something to chew on that will make you concerned. Toxic ingestions are Read more
  • Emergency Vet FAQs
    Emergency Vet FAQs Pet owners have a responsibility to make sure their pets receive the best healthcare they can provide. Even the most vigilant care cannot protect your pet from every Read more
  • When To Bring Your Pet In For A Dental Cleaning
    When to Bring Your Pet in for a Dental Cleaning Brushing your teeth can be a pain, but at the same time, our ability to clean our teeth helps humans enjoy Read more
  • Pet Visits to Our Office
    Your First Visit to Our Animal Hospital When you visit a doctor’s office for the first time, you will probably feel more at ease if you know what to expect. The Read more
  • Pet Surgery FAQs
    Pet Surgery FAQs If you are like most pet owners, you think of your pets as members of the family. This is why it can be so scary when your pet Read more
  • Pet Emergencies FAQs
    Henderson Animal Hospital Answers Your Pet Emergencies FAQ When sudden pet accidents or illnesses occur, you need a skilled vet to provide fast treatment. We offer a number of diagnostic services Read more
  • Importance f Spaying and Neutering Your Pets
    There Are Several Good Reasons to Spay and Neuter Your Pets Each day, thousands of animals are born that will never have a loving family of their own. Many of them Read more


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