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Getting Your Pet Healthy Again

Henderson Animal Hospital is committed to providing exceptional care to all of your furry friends. Our veterinarians are highly trained in treating many common and not so common medical conditions that can affect your pet. The following are common conditions treated in our Winnipeg office. Please contact us with any questions about what type of care is offered by our veterinarians.

Gastrointestinal Issues

Pets can suffer from a variety of GI issues over their lifetimes. From bouts of diarrhea to severe vomiting, there are many different causes for GI distress. Henderson Animal Hospital is available to treat GI conditions with medications or surgery if an obstruction has occurred. We also prevent GI issues caused by parasites by supplying our patients with preventative medicines.

Musculoskeletal Problems in Pets

Musculoskeletal issues can negatively impact your pet’s quality of life. Instead of being playful, a pet may start showing signs of distress when running or climbing up stairs. Osteoarthritis, hip dysplasia, and luxating patella are just three examples of orthopedic problems seen in pets. Our veterinarians can use a variety of treatments to get your pet’s mobility issues under control, giving them back the freedom to move around and play that they once had.

Dental Concerns

Here at Henderson Animal Hospital we can screen for different dental problems seen commonly in pets. This includes minor issues like plaque buildup to more serious problems like broken teeth or tumors inside the mouth. Our veterinarians will also screen for periodontal disease. Early detection is the key to preventing the damage this disease can cause, as complications from periodontal disease can affect the kidney, heart, and liver.

Disease Detection

Our office is pleased to offer ultrasound services to our four-legged patients. With ultrasound technology, we can detect diseases of the heart, liver, digestive tract, kidneys, urinary tract, and other soft tissues. Any abnormalities are noted during the ultrasound examination and a treatment plan can be recommended.    

Emergency Pet Care

Injuries can happen to a pet without warning. Although upsetting, Henderson Animal Hospital is experienced in any handling emergent cases. First aid can be performed to stop any bleeding and prevent infections. Sutures may be needed depending on the extent of the injuries. Our surgeons can also perform soft tissue repairs caused by accidents or fights. 

Henderson Animal Hospital is available for all your pet care needs. Besides veterinarian care, our office also offers grooming services and microchipping. Schedule your appointment today at our Winnipeg location. Our number is 204-339-9295.


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