Ear Infections

Treating Ear Infections at Henderson Animal Hospital in Winnipeg

If your dog or cat is being fussy all throughout the day, that is a clear indication that something is wrong. Otitis Externa or ear infections are one of the most common illnesses found in these animals. We, the veterinarians at the Henderson Animal Hospital in Winnipeg, Canada, must warn you that this is particularly common in dogs especially those with hairy and floppy ears like Old English Sheepdogs, Mini Poodles, Cocker Spaniels, and the like. Ear infections are common in these breeds, but it can occur in any dog breed, even cats, sheep, horses, and other mammals.


What are the Symptoms Ear Infections?

These ear infections are very painful, so your dogs and other mammals will be seen often shaking their heads or scratching their ears so they can relieve their discomfort. Our team of veterinarians, would like to share with you that pinkish, swollen, and inflamed ears with an offensive scent coming from them are major red flags. Usually, you’ll spot a yellowish or brownish discharge. In chronic ear infections, your pets’ ears may appear crusty and thick due to the prolonged inflammation.

Does this Mean Your Pets Have Ear Mites?

The symptoms of your pets with ear mites are similar to that of an ordinary ear infection. However, an ear mite infection is more common in baby puppies and kittens. Occasionally, your grown pets may contract it from infected puppies or kitties. This is dangerous because it can lead to a secondary yeast or bacterial ear infections.

Can You Just Get Normal Ear Medication?

The answer is no because not all treatments are created equal. Our veterinarians at the Henderson Animal Hospital in Winnipeg, Canada said that you have to bring your animals for an evaluation, so that the we can determine their exact illness and give them the right medication.

In some cases, it could be a foreign object, a cyst, or a polyp, so medication for ear infections alone will not treat the symptoms. It is also important for you to note that fungal, ear mites, and bacterial infections have different medicines that address these issues. One will not work for the others.

When to See Your Veterinarian?

It is important to see us at the Henderson Animal Hospital as soon as you see any kind of discomfort in your animals. If you treat them yourself, you can pick the wrong medicine and administer erroneous dosage. This can lead to hearing loss. You need to come because we need to check if the eardrum is ruptured and that can only be done through a hearing test by our qualified animal doctors.


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