Flea and Tick Prevention

Both fleas and ticks are harmful to pets. They can be irritating for pets as well as infect them with diseases. If your pet is not on any preventative care medicine for fleas and ticks, it is at risk for an infestation. It is important to keep your pet protected from fleas and ticks all year long. At Henderson Animal Hospital in Winnipeg, MB, we provide a variety of flea and tick prevention methods. Our vets will give you tips on how to practice parasite prevention at home and answer any questions you have. Here are just some of the reasons why flea and tick prevention is so important.

Flea and Tick Prevention

Bites from Parasites

When pets get bitten by fleas and ticks, there are many health problems your pets can suffer from. Many pets get so itchy that they drive themselves crazy with their scratching. Some pets are allergic to flea bites. This can be frustrating and painful for pets.

Diseases from Fleas and Ticks

With parasite bites often come harmful diseases. The bites from fleas and ticks allow these bugs to be in contact with your pet's bloodstream, and they can infect the animal. This is the cause for a number of diseases in pets. Flea bites can spread diseases like murine typhus, plague, cat scratch fever, and more. Fleas can also be ingested, and this can spread tapeworms. Because they bite so often, fleas can also cause anemia.

Tick bites are known for spreading diseases like Rocky Mountain spotted fever and Lyme disease. They can also spread babesiosis, anaplasmosis, and ehrlichiosis, among others. Some of the diseases caused by tick bites can be fatal for pets. 

Preventative Care

There are many safe and effective medications that can be prescribed for pets by our veterinarian in Winnipeg. These include oral medications, topical medications, sprays, flea collars, and injections that can keep your pet free from fleas and ticks and the problems they bring. These can work for months at a time with a single dose, or your pet can take a monthly medication. Staying up to date with parasite prevention is an important part of preserving your pet’s health.

Visit Our Veterinarian in Winnipeg, MB for Parasite Prevention

If your pet isn't yet on a parasite prevention medication, visit our animal hospital. At Henderson Animal Hospital in Winnipeg, MB, our vets offer a variety of flea and tick prevention methods. These forms of preventative care are vital in keeping your pet healthy. If your pet does get infested with fleas or ticks, our vets will treat your pet and ensure it gets healthy. Call us today to schedule an appointment.


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