Orthopedic Care for Pets at Henderson Animal Hospital

If you've ever marveled at how fast a dog can run or how high a cat can jump, you may also have felt a twinge of heartache to see a favored pet hobbling around, barely able to move without pain. Musculoskeletal problems can create serious mobility issues and drastically reduce your beloved companion's quality of life. Fortunately, we here at Henderson Animal Hospital in Winnipeg know how to diagnose and treat such problems, helping pets just like yours feel and function better.

Orthopedic Care for Pets at Henderson Animal Hospital

The Need for Orthopedic Treatment

Orthopedics involves the treatment of problems afflicting the bones, muscles or joints. Both in pets and in humans, this field of medicine plays a crucial role in helping to improve or maintain these components' ability to work as comfortably and efficiently as possible. Musculoskeletal problems can strike pets in a number of ways and take many forms, including:

    • Acute injuries - A collision with a car, fight with another animal, or fall from a high place can cause acute sprains, strains, and fractures. The sudden twisting of a knee can cause an acute rupture of the CCL (canine cruciate ligament), resulting in lameness and severe pain. A fractured bone can also make walking impossible.
    • Osteoarthritis - Osteoarthritis is a degenerative joint condition that is just as common in older pets as it is in aging humans. Breakdown of the joint cartilage makes the joints stiff, swollen, and painful. It can afflict the spine as well as the extremities.
    • Hip dysplasia - This congenital instability of the hip joint causes the joint to degenerate, making weight bearing extremely painful.
    • Luxating patella - This painful instability of the kneecap is most commonly seen in small dogs.

Procedures to Relieve Pain and Improve Mobility

Our Winnipeg team will examine your pet carefully and recommend specific procedures based on what we discover. For example, ruptured knee ligaments can be treated with procedures that either add sutures to substitute for the ligament or modify the way the knee supports weight, thus making the ligament arbitrary. Complex fractures can be mended through the surgical installation of pins, screws, or plates. Fusion surgery can relieve agonizing pain caused by severe arthritis. We can even perform hip replacements on pets suffering from dysplasia. Exercises, anti-inflammatory diets, and medication can also prove helpful for orthopedic complaints.

Schedule Pet Surgery and Other Services at Our Winnipeg Clinic

Give your pet what he needs to move freely through his daily life again. Call our Winnipeg clinic at (204) 339-9295 to schedule pet surgery or other orthopedic services!


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