Orthopedic Care for Pets

At Henderson Animal Hospital in Winnipeg, MB, we treat animals with a variety of ailments, including orthopedic problems. Just like people, pets experience joint and bone issues, especially as they age. Problems such as a broken leg are easy to diagnose. However, other issues have more subtle symptoms. Perhaps your pet has begun to move more slowly or seems very sluggish. If that is the case, schedule an appointment with us to see what is going on with your animal. Our veterinarians will listen to your concerns and conduct a thorough examination of your pet.


Your cat or dog may need orthopedic surgery if he has a serious problem. In these cases, our veterinarians have the skills needed to get your pet back on all four feet. We start by diagnosing the problem and then recommending the most effective solution for your pet.

Common Orthopedic Problems

Besides joint problems like arthritis, other common orthopedic issues include:

  • Hip or elbow dysplasia
  • Luxating patellas
  • Cruciate ligament ruptures
  • Disc disease
  • Osteochondritis

As animals age, they may experience more frequent health issues. For example, arthritis may cause the joints of a pet to swell, which can become painful when the animal needs to move around. We believe in customized treatment for each pet. If it is deemed necessary, we may suggest surgery to help with the pain your pet may be experiencing.

How Our Veterinarians from Henderson Animal Hospital Handles Orthopedics Issues

As your reliable Winnipeg veterinarian, we handle most orthopedic issues right here in our animal hospital. First, we run a diagnostic test to identify the problem, and then we choose the best treatment plan based on your pet’s needs. If we believe surgery is the answer to helping your pet, we will schedule it for a later date.

Before surgery, we will prescribe medicine to keep your pet comfortable. A technician will monitor your pet's vital signs throughout the operation. During the procedure, one of our experienced veterinarians will correct the orthopedic problem. After the surgery, we will provide you thorough post-care instructions so that you can help your pet heal properly at home. We'll also set up follow-up visits to monitor your pet’s recovery.

Orthopedic Veterinarian in Winnipeg, MB

Find out more about comprehensive pet healthcare at Henderson Animal Hospital in Winnipeg, MB. Contact us today at (204) 339-9295 to make an appointment or to get answers to your questions.


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