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When a dog or cat suffers from skin problems, obtaining proper treatment from a professional is best. Contact us today to schedule your pet for a checkup so skin ailments are remedied quickly and effectively. Here are some common skin problems in pets to be aware of so you know when to contact our vet for assistance.

cat with skin problems

Hair Loss

When your pet has areas on their body where fur is missing, there could very well be a skin problem causing this condition. Many cats and dogs will lick or bite at their skin, causing fur to fall out of the skin altogether. It is also best to have an evaluation done, as this condition could also be caused by anxiety or a nervous disorder.

Skin Irritation and Allergies

When a pet has skin irritation, they may be observed scratching or biting at their coat in an attempt to find relief. This problem is often caused by the presence of fleas. Many pets are allergic to flea bites. Our vet will eliminate the parasite problem in addition to treating the skin. Skin irritation can also be caused by food, environment, or chemical allergies. It is best to avoid triggers to keep your pet from feeling distress. Medication for allergies can also help.


Skin rashes require treatment for them to clear up in their entirety. This is usually administered in the form of a prescription medication or topical ointment to reduce itching and heal the skin. Rashes can arise as a result of an allergy or an injury. Our vet will evaluate your pet's skin to determine the reasoning for a rash and will provide your pet with prompt relief.

Our Expert in Dermatology Can Treat Your Pet

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