Pet Wellness Exam

Pet Wellness Exams at Our Winnipeg Vet Care Center

A healthy pet tends to be a happy pet -- but how do you keep your pet healthy? Most pet owners would much rather catch and address a potential health problem in its earliest, mildest stages rather than allow it to bloom into a major treatment nightmare. Here at Henderson Animal Hospital, we feel the same way. That's why our pet wellness exams for animals of all ages to help them enjoy optimal health for life.

Pet Wellness Exam

Worth a Pound of Cure: The Need for Preventative Care

It's easy to put off a veterinary exam when your pet appears to be his robustly-healthy normal self. But what you don't know can hurt you -- and your beloved companion. Hidden health problems may lurk for a long time, displaying no obvious symptoms but potentially causing damage and/or increasing your pet's risk for other issues. You might have no clear sign, for example, that your pet is harboring cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, or a dangerous parasite such as heartworm until his condition has seriously declined. By that point, you may have to schedule expensive treatments to restore your pet's health or even save his life.

Preventative care aims to nip those problems in the bud -- and pet wellness exams are a critical part of any preventative program. The earlier we can detect a lurking health condition, the earlier we can administer treatment to get that condition firmly under control. It's the most humane, sensible, and affordable way to keep your pet well.

Detailed Evaluations and Diagnostic Testing

Our Veterinarians at Henderson Animal Hospital are happy to perform periodic wellness exams at all stages of your pet’s life. Most adults should receive one exam per year; baby animals may need a series of wellness exams to ensure their healthy growth and development, while senior pets typically receive two or more exams per year to catch those age-related ailments. A typical pet wellness exam includes:

  • Blood, fecal and urine sample testing to look for diseases, organ dysfunction and internal parasites
  • Evaluation of your pet's behavior, stance, gait, and sensory responses
  • Weighing your pet to check for obesity
  • Examination of the eyes, ears, skin and coat
  • Checking of vital signs such as heart rate and blood pressure

Call Your Veterinarian at Henderson Animal Hospital

A pet wellness exam is an ideal opportunity to check your pet's health while also asking your veterinarian for any pet care advice you may need. Call Henderson Animal Hospital today at (204) 339-9295 to schedule an exam!


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