Pet Wellness Exam

Pet Wellness Exam

Frequent veterinary care ensures that your pet lives a long, healthy life. At Henderson Animal Hospital, we provide quality veterinary care in Winnipeg and the local pet community. Annual pet wellness exams allow us to provide preventative care and a routine examination to detect and prevent issues that can interfere with your pet having the highest quality of life.

Routine Physical Exams

Our veterinarians will thoroughly examine your pet to look for joint problems, skin issues, and other indications of a health problem. Our vet will touch your pet checking for problems like lumps and swelling. Your pet's weight will be assessed to determine if it is at a healthy weight for its breed. Our vet will take note of any abnormal changes in your pet’s weight.

We will perform tests to check your pet's heart and lungs as well. The veterinarian will ask about your pet's exercise routine and if you have noticed any changes in your pet's eating habits, bowel movements, and other aspects of your pet’s overall health.


Annual pet wellness exams are a great time to make sure your pet is up to date on his or her vaccinations. During the visit, our veterinarians will provide the necessary vaccinations to prevent serious and even potentially life-threatening infections.

Preventative Treatments

It is also a good time to deworm your pet if it is needed. This is vital since worms can take vital nutrients away from your pet. As they continue to multiply, they take an even greater toll on your pet's health and can even lead to death.

Heartworms are an important issue that is best prevented. There is no cure for heartworms in cats. For dogs, treatment does exist and is usually effective. However, some treatments are quite aggressive and it is in your pet's best interest to prevent heartworms. That is why our veterinarians strongly recommend heartworm prevention.

Flea and tick prevention is also available and can help you stay ahead in preventing these parasites from affecting your pet. Lastly, pet wellness exams are a great time to ask questions and learn how to take care of your pet in the best way possible.

Schedule Your Pet’s Next Wellness Exam in Winnipeg

Dr. Aslani and Dr. Singh are committed to providing quality veterinary care in Winnipeg. Call our team at Henderson Animal Hospital today at (204) 339-9295 or reach us through our website by using our online contact form.


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