Toxic Ingestion

What to Do when Your Pet Consumes a Toxin

Because emergencies such as a pet poisoning can happen unexpectedly, every pet owner should keep the phone number of their regular veterinarian stored on their phone, along with an extra number for a local animal emergency hospital that is available after hours. Henderson Animal Hospital in Winnipeg, MB, is available for routine pet care and emergencies during regular office hours. If you suspect your pet has consumed a poisonous substance, he needs immediate treatment. We're capable of handling any emergency, but by calling ahead we'll be able to prepare for your pet as you drive him to us. Time is of the essence with a poisoning, so the faster we can begin treatment the better off your pet will be.


Common Toxic Chemicals

There are plenty of common household items which can be dangerous for your pet, yet an animal's curiosity can often lead to ingestion of a toxic substance. Cleaning supplies often smell sweet and can draw attention. Medications can resemble a pet treat to their eyes. Paints, oils, or makeup items can likewise seem appealing. Antifreeze is especially well known for smelling sweet and tasty to an animal, yet can result in the death of an animal if that animal is not treated immediately after consumption. A further consideration is how human foods, including onions, garlic, chocolate, certain sugar-free sweeteners, and caffeine certainly aren't considered poisons to us, but can have adverse effects on a pet, as their bodies were not designed to digest such foods.

Symptoms of Pet Poisoning

There are common symptoms of poisoning which display in a pet. Unfortunately, these are common symptoms shared between a number of different illnesses. Vomiting or diarrhea, for example, are likely to happen after a poisoning, but may only be a one-time event due to an upset stomach. Lethargy likewise might be due to a pet version of the common cold, or even from being tired after healthy exercise, but can also be a sign of toxic ingestion. Such seemingly minor symptoms should never be ignored. If symptoms are accompanied by shaking, tremors, seizures, overall weakness, unusual inattentiveness, or simply continue without cessation, emergency veterinarian care is imperative.

Henderson Animal Hospital in Winnipeg, MB

Whether your pet needs routine medical care or has an emergency need, give us a call at Henderson Animal Hospital in Winnipeg, MB. You'll find our staff to be professional and courteous, generally caring about the health and well-being of your pet. Our number is (204) 339-9295.


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