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Pet Vaccines at Henderson Animal Hospital

Here at Henderson Animal Hospital, our veterinary team realizes that your pets are a part of your family. This means that just like vaccines are important for human children, they are also essential for our furry friends too. That is why we strive to help ensure that your pet gets the vaccinations they need, and we will even keep track of the schedule for you so that no essentials are delayed. We also understand that many pet owners are concerned about the potential dangers of vaccinations, so we are always happy to take time to answer any questions you may have. That being said, vaccinations for pets in Canada are highly recommended for a number of reasons.


The Importance of Vaccines for Pets

Regular vaccinations can extend the life of your pet and help prevent an array of common diseases that can be contracted at any point in their lives. Our veterinarian recommends beginning a vaccination routine when your cat or dog is a few weeks old and then continuing with annual boosters as recommended by the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association. Beyond the wellness of your pet, some conditions like rabies are highly transmittable between species, and it is highly recommended getting this shot each year for public safety.

Common Pet Vaccinations

We offer all of the core vaccinations that are recommended for pets in addition to non-core vaccines. Core vaccines are those considered most important for animal wellness, while non-core vaccines are those that may be recommended depending on your pet’s lifestyle, breed, age, genetics, health history, and whether they frequently spend time in the company of other animals. Non-core vaccines are only administered to pets that need them.

Some core vaccines we provide at Henderson Animal Hospital include:

  • Rabies (feline and canine)
  • Distemper (feline and canine)
  • Parvovirus (canine)
  • Adenovirus (canine)
  • Herpesvirus (feline)
  • Calicivirus (feline)
  • Leukemia (for outdoor cats)
  • Bordetella Vaccine (Kennel cough) (for dogs)
  • Lyme Vaccine (for dogs)

Some vaccinations require boosters every few years, and we will keep you apprised of your pet’s current recommended schedule. Our vet will help you determine which non-core vaccinations your pet needs, and we are happy to answer any questions or address any concerns you may have about vaccinations or their side effects.

Schedule Pet Vaccines at Henderson Animal Hospital Today

Vaccinations are one of the best preventions your animal has against a number of illnesses, so don’t put off keeping their shots current. Contact Henderson Animal Hospital today via our online contact form, or call (204) 339-9295 to schedule an appointment to see our veterinary team.


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  • "Dr. Singh has been our vet for over 15 years. We would not see any other vet. We have personally witnessed with our dogs, Dr. Singh's continuous striving and improving of his knowledge and skills in all areas of veterinary medicine. We have 3 dogs — 2 rescues Majj & Chance and our 14 year old pug Winni. Dr. Singh is the very compassionate & caring — both Dr. Singh and "Henderson Animal Hospital" do not discriminate nor profile dogs based on appearance — they are all dogs. All. Dogs. Matter. #endbslwinnipeg #endbslmanitoba #alldogsareindividuals"
    Jane Olijnek
  • "Have been taking our animals there for years. Very satisfied with the care my pets have received from Dr. Singh and staff."
    Sheila DeJong
  • "I have been taking my dogs here since 1988 - always excellent care from all the staff!"
    Denise Sitter
  • "I've been with Henderson Vet for at least 20 years & I can honestly say they have taken the best of care with the 4 cats I had & now with the "love of my life" my dog "Meeka" who unfortunately has quite a few health problems, one being CHF which there is no cure for but with good care as she receives from Henderson Vet is doing really well which is giving her more time.. Thanks to Dr. Singh, Dr. Ray, Dr. Napier & all the staff who do their jobs so well !!!"
    Elaine Mell

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